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When it comes to online security you want an expert partner.

Our people have worked with high end corporate clients in the banking industry, the education and health sectors and the Australian Defence Force.

We have the skills to protect your assets.

Clear and cost-effective

Cybertech Australia delivers clear and cost-effective solutions individualised to the requirements of your business.


Every business is unique. In the modern world businesses need to be agile and flexible to respond to constantly changing demands. Cloud computing and online applications have allowed businesses to respond to this demand however the evolving cyber security landscape has become a major issue with business continuity in the modern world. Cybertech Australia understands these issues and takes the confusion out of the equation. We provide a comprehensive solution that is cost effective.


Cybertech Australia delivers customised solutions dependent on your business requirements. Our objective is making our partners feel secure in this online world to allow you to move forward with your primary business.

How It Works

We start the process by interviewing your operational staff to gain an understanding of workflows and applications used in your business’s day to day environment. We ask about future changes that are required. We research your business road map and ensure our advice closely aligns with your business direction.

We work closely with your information technology support team to understand the infrastructure being used.

From this information we produce a report on the threats that are faced within the current business operation. We give recommendations on implementing a solution that will suit your requirements.

Our Services

Cyber Security Services

Cybertech Australia completes audit reports for all types of businesses. We thoroughly assess the requirements of your business then present a plan to ensure you stay ahead of cyber security attacks.

Cyber security audit service

Cyber Security Audits

Current Situation

We identify your current situation and the technologies you are using. We assess the potential implementation of future business requirements.

Cyber Security identify


What are the threats?

From the audit we identify current threats and potential future threats.

Cyber security protect


Lock Down

Once the threat landscape is defined we identify the requirements to secure the business. This may range from network protection to changes in the way your staff operate.

Cyber security detect


Identify the enemy

Identifying threats leads to proactive solutions and revealing potential threats to the business infrastructure. Reporting and regular monitoring makes up a large part of the modern cyber security landscape. Most cyber security incidents are silent and only detected once data has been stolen.

Cyber security prevent attacks


Eliminate problems

Implementing comprehensive cyber security measures is the best method of avoiding security incidents. In the ever-changing cyber landscape, it is not possible to prevent all issues. Being prepared is the leading counter measure.

Cyber security recover


Get back on your feet

Even with your best efforts cyber attacks can penetrate your defences. Due diligence in cyber security measures reduces insurance burdens and protects against litigation. Backups and recovery is essential for business continuity.


Cyber Security Tools

Cybertech Australia partners with the major international IT and cyber security businesses currently operating worldwide. Their staff are highly trained in the best products available to protect your business interests.

Cyber Tech Australia has expertise in F5 Security Solutions
Cyber Tech Australia has expertise in Cisco Systems
Cyber Tech Australia has expertise in Fortinet Secure SD-WAN
Cyber Tech Australia has expertise in Check Point Software Technologies
Cyber Tech Australia has expertise in Microsoft Technologies

Cybertech Australia

Our mission is to deliver cost effective solutions on time and on budget. Our staff have significant experience in the information technology fields which is now focussed on the challenges being faced in the modern IT cyber security landscape.